Tuesday, January 6, 2009


We have started 2009 and my best wishes go out to everyone for a healthy and safe new year.

We started the new year knowing that we are facing enormous challenges. And if 2008 taught us anything at all, it is that the old system, the old way of doing things, the old boys club just doesn't work. The financial meltdown coupled with an ongoing economic crisis could not have made that more clear.

The market place dominated by the big banks threw up the white flag.

We cannot afford to wait for the market with its private circles far removed from us to make decisions that affect our jobs, our homes, our food, the basic essentials we depend on.

2009 is the year of a new kind of politics in Ontario. It is up to each and everyone of us to work together to make change work for us.

It's time to believe not only that New Democrats can lead change, but that we are the only ones who can and will do it.

Ontario needs a change that comes from people in our neighbourhoods, towns, and counties. From teachers and students in schools, to cashiers in the local supermarket, to nurses and childcare workers. We cannot turn things around in Ontario without your active, dedicated and constant participation.

A revitalized Ontario New Democratic Party can and will move Ontario along the path of a new system of cooperation that puts Ontarians first.

To get there we need you. We need organizers on the ground in ridings we can win in Ontario. We can win Ontario but we need to start working today, not just during the election month.

And we work to win because Ontario's families need us to win. We are called to make into a reality the solutions we propose today. Our commitment is to resolve everyday problems with new solutions.

The Ontario NDP I envision has solutions. But those solutions come from you.

Join us.

Andrea Horwath

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Jade said...

I completely support the NDP and your tireless efforts to make Ontario a better place for all. I was saddened to hear Hampton leaving, such a good leader and strong voice.Hopefully Ontarians will grow tired of the red and blue and demand a new party take over.There really is no difference between red and blue anymore anyways.