Thursday, February 12, 2009

Protecting and creating good jobs

Feb. 12, 2009

This week I released my leadership platform based on
protecting and creating good jobs for Ontarians.

I want to thank Wayne Fraser, the elected Director of
District 6 of the United Steelworkers, representing
more than 80,000 Ontario workers, who announced his
support for my campaign.

I made it clear to the media that I am opposed to
McGuinty's plan to abandon manufacturing and forestry
while subsidizing low-wage paying employers.

Instead of acting to save good jobs, Dalton McGuinty
tells workers they’re on their own during these tough

McGuinty's move to abandon Ontarians when they need
government most, shows it's time for real leadership
that will put people first in Ontario.

Here is my plan to keep Ontario working:

* Invest in sector strategies that bring government,
management and workers together to sustain and improve
and create new industries – everything from light-rail
to forestry.

* Provide government investment in companies, or
workers, who are willing to innovate to create
high-value manufacturing and preserve jobs – through
worker ownership, by accepting unionization and
partnering with organized workers, by providing education
and skills development.

* Protect vulnerable workers in low-waged jobs by raising
the minimum wage, expanding enforcement of employment
standards, and protecting the right to organize and bargain

* Reject new proposals for wage insurance and calls to
abandon manufacturing and forestry sectors.

I also made it clear that we do not need another round of
across the board corporate tax cuts. We can’t cut taxes and
expect to invest for the future.

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Edward H.C Graydon said...

Hamilton needs China:s investment,but I believe the current mayor sent them back home empty handed

In Hamilton we are told by many that our city is dirty and has the image of being tough,dirty ,and mob run,but I was born in this city and I kind of like it.I truly believe Hamilton, my birth place is thinking small.

I have so many times smelt fumes and waste from the steel companies that for sure are toxic,and I felt sick,I know I am not the only one,and because I am not the only one! I say that we "sell the steel companies to the Chinese"I was told today buy the Chinese community that Fred had basically brushed them off today {Aug 30th 2010} at a meeting with China representatives.I believe that the future of our city is not going to be based solely on Foot ball, but in the elimination and the sale of all the steel plants to the Chinese.Big deals are when you make massive invest to a whole city. and Canadian society.I am under the impression that the Chinese would like a mayor that supports the sale in principal of the steel plants to the Chinese.The shareholders of the stock can decide whether or not, they would like to tender there shares to the Chinese,but as mayor I would be more than happy to help them achieve their goal, of developing not only one small patch,but the whole North end of the water front. Today I had conversations with the representatives from China:s Government,and given that I am being told that the meeting came across has a brush off by the mayor,I question the current mayors thinking.I support the billions of dollars that will be spent in infrastructure,I support the multi millions that will be made by our city in taxes,and I support the environment.

I support "real change"not just cosmetic and most of all I support massive employment in Hamilton,and will achieve this by supporting the sale of our steel plants to the Chinese.

I would rather we turn the North end into a retail mega project ,then toxic producing,money losing eye sore