Friday, November 7, 2008

It's time to choose a new leader for Ontario's New Democrats!

Across our province, people are worried about the tough times ahead.

They see good jobs disappearing, the cost of a good education climbing, plans for retirement at financial risk and a government that doesn't seem to care.

Andrea Horwath is running to lead Ontario's New Democrats because ordinary Ontarians need a leader who recognizes their challenges and sees the solutions we can all build together.

It's time for New Democrats to lead the fight for good jobs, for accessible education, for quality childcare, for an environmental agenda that makes affordable, sustainable solutions available to everyone.

A woman, a mother, a community organizer and an activist, Andrea understands working people because that's where she's from.

It's time for New Democrats to grow and move forward. It's time for Andrea Horwath.

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HammertimeGP said...

I believe Andrea will make excellent leader and make excellent Premier. ps check out my blog at