Sunday, November 9, 2008

Campaign Update

What a fantastic couple of days we've had!

Our launch on Friday was amazing - over 200 people
came to the rally.

And the large turnout of members to this weekend's Leader's
Debate at Provincial Council showed that New Democrats want
to get engaged in moving the party forward.

The energy and excitement for our campaign has been fabulous.
The support we have received so far has been inspiring.
It was everything I hoped for and so much more.

Thanks so much to our dynamite team.

I have already posted links to just some of our media coverage
so far.

We are connecting with people on the ground, through debates,
events and via the Internet. Fundraising is gearing up,
memberships are being sold, more events are being planned.
It's all coming together.

Our campaign is growing with people who believe we can take
the party and the province in a direction that truly puts people
first, and wins.

In the next coming weeks, we will take our message to the party
across the province. We want input from Ontario's
New Democrats who know it's time to move forward, to attract
new members,to grow and to prepare today to win tomorrow.

We have a real chance of changing the face of our party together.


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